Why a third party is needed in America.

Concerned citizens about our future

The Democrats have the house back, now what are they going to do with it. The last 4 years have driven home the weaknesses of the Democratic position. They have followed the playbook of the Republican party, allowing themselves to be drawn into reacting to the games played by the Republicans, rather than addressing the issues that matter to the people. Now that they have removed Trump, the Republicans are gearing up to do what they did in the Obama-8, which is to create so much noise and confusion, that the people are distracted, issues don't get resolved and nothing they don't want gets done. Already the Trump 2024 campaign is rolling, the real reason he was not impeached. The Republicans need him and his 74 million voters to get back into power in 2024. For this reason, he is to be kept unassailable.

Americans are suffering, and that suffering is going to get worse. When people are in strife, they stop being logical and fall back on old positions that are easy — rage, racism, blame — the very things that the Republican party is counting on and fanning. History has proven time and time again, that when the going gets tough, people start in-fighting and that in-fighting in the American psyche is what is being exploited viciously by Republicans to draw the focus away from the fact that they have no solution for the American people.

The Republicans are doing this because they have no true solutions to the problems facing them. Mind you, I didn’t say there were no solutions, because there are. But, those solutions require having really honest conversations with Americans, about the cost of doing the right thing, and with the many varied positions that people hold, that is a sure-fire way to upset a lot of people, so rather than coming out and saying…America, a major shift is needed to revamp the country and prepare it for success in the next 300 years, which is sure to get the messenger shot aka “elections lost”, they are choosing to dissemble, create strawmen, bogeymen in the form of ‘rampaging Mexicans’, ‘Chinese viruses’, Blacks wanting to defund the police so they can run amok and rape all white women’, and any number of conspiracies to distract the people from the fact that they are struggling and America is dying.

The people, when enraged, become a mob. A mob is a living breathing engine that can be pointed at anything and can be quite destructive, which is what we saw on Jan 6. It will achieve nothing, other than to kill and injure people, sow fear, and then the pundits blame the whole situation on the mob and get carte blanche to continue business as usual again. This is a playbook that works and in failed states around the world, this is a cycle that eventually mires the country in rot and in the arms of strongmen…Putin, Kim Jung Un, Somali warlords, Chechnyan warlords, Bolisaro, Duterte, you name it. What it does do, however, is create a mystical ‘Great Leader’ who will save us all, paving the way for a one-man party that takes TOTAL CONTROL.

This is the company America is starting to keep — a sure sign of decline into ignominy. The playbook is already in play.

  1. Turn the people against an ‘other’, whatever or whomever that may be because so long as they have someone to rip to shreds, they won’t pay attention to what you are doing.
  2. Turn the media into a distrusted medium now called ‘Fake news’, because if the people don’t believe the journalists, you put a cap on what information gets out there. You cannot be outed.
  3. Pick a ‘trusted news partner’ who funnels your desired news to the people, controlling what they hear.
  4. Get rid of your enemies…death is definitely on the table.
  5. Turn the police and the military into your personal army, killing and shutting up any detractors.
  6. Become a demagogue who cannot be removed, no matter what you do and no matter what the people want.
  7. Legitimize the position by partnering it with a ‘religious’ calling making that person/party the TRUE one, as laid down by God, Mohammed, or whomever, that country’s belief system supports. That legitimization by Divine intervention pretty much seals the deal as men fear to endanger their souls by turning against THE ONE.

I have taken the trouble to lay out this strategy which has been successfully used in country after country and has always put the country into a 1 party system controlled by 1 with the inevitable loss of individual freedom and a descent into chaos. This is the true future facing us if we dont halt the process.

Unfortunately, neither party has the solution because they are mired in ‘he said, she said’, playing tit-for-tat games while the country lumbers on towards the cliff edge.

If you care about America's future, join The Peoples Party and put us to work averting the disaster heading for us.




Concerned citizen wanting change and willing to be part of the movement that brings about that change. #ICareAmerica!

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Akua Agyeman

Akua Agyeman

Concerned citizen wanting change and willing to be part of the movement that brings about that change. #ICareAmerica!

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